• Podcast: Do The Woo #2

    Post Black Friday & Cyber Monday chat on Do The Woo with co-guests Katie Keith and James Kemp. We chatted about what worked and what didn’t during the run-up and during Black Friday.

  • Podcast – Jonathon’s WP Tonic

    #542 WP-Tonic Show With Special Guest Ronald Gijsel of Yithemes The transcript is not correct on this webpage, but the recording should be obvious enough to understand my role at YITH and what YITH actually stands for. Visit the site’s page >

  • Webinar: Cloudways Mavericks

    Title: Convert Visitors Into Loyal Customers Using Google Analytics Watch again to this webinar and podcast with the Cloudways Mavericks. A good and fun conversation though at time slightly confusing to explain something technical in just a few minutes.

  • Webinar: GoDaddy Pro # 1

    Title: 10 Key opportunities for any WooCommerce site – Part 1In this first session, I run through the first 5 steps from bringing customers to your site to making that first purchase. https://proevents.godaddy.com/events/details/godaddy-united-states-presents-10-key-opportunities-for-any-woocommerce-site-part-1/

  • Webinar: GoDaddy Pro # 2

    Title: 10 Key opportunities for any WooCommerce site – Part 2 In this second session, I will identify how you can turn the existing customer into a long-term loyal customer and influence their circles to come to your store too. https://proevents.godaddy.com/events/details/godaddy-united-states-presents-10-key-opportunities-for-any-woocommerce-site-part-2/

  • Summit: WPFeedback

    There is no public recording of the webinar, but nevertheless still worth a mention of a public event I attended in 2020. WP Feedback, now called Atarim, held a huge summit which was attended by many thousands of people. Speaker announcement: https://atarim.io/blog/introducing-our-speakers/

  • Podcast: Joe Casabona

  • Podcast: Do the Woo

    Great to be invited to Bob Dun’s podcast and talk about WooCommerce. I was a bit taken aback by his questions: “how do you do the Woo?”

  • Podcast: Rather Inventive

    A pleasant conversation about how I go involved with YITH as originally a brand ambassador and many other marketing ideas with Ben.