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  • My experience as a WooCommerce London co-organizer, one year on.

    How I got involved Back in February 2020, I did a WooCommerce related talk at WordPress London. The title was “99 ways to sell, but direct ain’t one.” I highlighted the need to engage and re-engage with your users before they would turn into customers based on using Google Analytics Attribution reporting. A talk which […]

  • WordCamp London 2019

    Thank you’s are normally something you end with. However, I feel the need to highlight this at the start. Thank you to the team who organised WordCamp London – it has been amazing! Are you ready to Publish? The afterlife… This is the title of my talk which I gave on Sunday morning at the […]

  • Cheltenham Meetup – November 2017

    The promised slides in a video from the Cheltenham Meetup talk in WooCommerce. Also, find some links which may be of interest.