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  • WordCamp London 2019

    Thank you’s are normally something you end with. However, I feel the need to highlight this at the start. Thank you to the team who organised WordCamp London – it has been amazing! Are you ready to Publish? The afterlife… This is the title of my talk which I gave on Sunday morning at the […]

  • Summer of history and re-enactors.

    Wow, the history is all around us and what a dedication from re-enactors to bring this to life. We have spoken to solicitors and professors who take part in these events, French people who traveled to take part in the Tewkesbury battle and a Roman soldier who came from New Zealand. There is no museum that can […]

  • Jazz in the rain!

    Winchcombe festival is one of the many websites we look after and as a result. It is great knowing what is coming up before the public so you get to pick the best seats, though we had to bring ours… oh and it rained, I mean, thunderstorm…

  • My discovery of NPR tiny desk concerts

    What a joy when you discover something new that gets you so excited if gives you butterflies in your tummy. No, it is not bungee jumping or talking to hundreds of people that give you nerves, but simply a YouTube channel. NPR tiny desk concerts is the channel I am writing about. A series of small […]

  • A chilly Sunday on top of Bredon Hill

    After a slow and long Sunday morning, we decided to go for a long walk with the family. After just having started to write my blog, I thought why not post something? It wasn’t a particularly amazing walk… It was cold, very muddy and we were all in a bad mood to start with. On […]