I have been shaking a few things up, though not for long…

We are talking a bit of excess fat here and there. The sort of thing you get when working while sitting down at a desk. I am not really moving much other than going to the toilet, make coffee and play pool… My wife has been pestering me for a while now and I just had to submit to the fact I had to do something about it. Do you think it was, at all, possible to go for a run in the evening or a leisurely bike ride on a Sunday morning as planned? No, there is always a reason not to do it and I have three living in the house with me.
One Friday night while talking to Nihan, she said that there is always an excuse not to take action… and she was ‘bloody’ right once more! That Sunday, I joined a Gym near to my office in Redditch and took the plunge.

The Gym is Boring and not for me!

I have said it for years, that the gym is boring… I am an outdoor man, who likes walks and interaction. Yet, nothing came of it. I work with modern technology so maybe I just had to use it to my advantage too. Gym equipment is great as it tells you many things. It is like a giant calculator that is powered by yourself. Every run, cycle, row I do, I calculate miles to kilometres, my distance in 10 minutes and what each 2.5 minute represents… yay, I can get obsessed to finish a distance vs time, that I calculated. It is often not about being the fastest but to be precise! All this, while listening to my audio books or Charles Mingus. Why would it be boring?

The good news is that now after 6 weeks my ‘front-balcony’, that shook, has now stopped shaking uncontrollably and is now in rhythm. I am starting to enjoy it more too and feel better for it… Yes, that last sentence is very cliché, so time to cool down and get on with work!

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