First post and what to expect.

First post and what to expect.

This blog is a well overdue project that I have had in mind. A space to voice my opinion experiences and thoughts as well as a space to help others. This blog is built on WordPress and with its ideology in mind. A free voice online!

The Community and my involvement.

The reason I am getting started with this blog is to log my experiences in the WordPress community. I have been involved for several years now from attending meetups in Birmingham, Bristol and recently Cheltenham. In May 2017 I have helped organise the first Bristol WordCamp as a speaker wrangler. Since a month or so I have also been promoted to one of the assistant organisers of the Cheltenham Meetup.

WordCamps attended.

Apart from helping at the Bristol WordCamp I have also attended recent Wordcamps in Manchester (2016 and 2017) and London (2017). All have been eye-opening experiences in many ways. I have always attended the contributor days as much as I could even though my coding experience is not of superb quality or experience (probably quite far from it, though I make do with my skillset). I have helped with translations and general support. The best part (and not because of the free food and drinks) are the breaks and social events around the WordCamps. It is a time to connect with many likeminded WordPressers that care, have experience and are fun to talk to. So far I have met very few big-headed characters that shout out they are amazing. Most are ground-level coders, freelancers or entrepreneurs that often face the same struggles. Money, clients and plugin updates! These three topics are certainly going to be covered a lot more in this blog.

Speak, spoke & spoken.

I love to contribute to the community and apart from helping to organise I have also spoken twice at a Meetup. On both occasions I talked about WooCommerce (May 2017 at Bristol and November at Cheltenham) I have plans to speak again about other topics and my aim is to speak at a WordCamp in 2018 (swallow nerves)
Speaking is a scary thing to do, and only experience will make you a better speaker.

What I do and what I want to achieve.

I am a business owner of Webbees(, a small web consultancy company that helps a series of business’ with an online presence. This was founded in January 2016 by my wife and I. Since then, I have worked with several other agencies, and individuals on different collaborations.
The trouble so far has been to specialise in a niche, but I would safely say that I advertise as a WooCommerce, SEO and Google specialist. Even within these three niche topics one can go deeper, but within the range of businesses I support, I spent about 75% on these specialisms.
I hope to achieve a better understanding and a name in these niches to improve the quality and eventually my earnings.

What to expect.

So WordPress will be the main theme of this blog, business the second and the good life third.

WordPress experiences of my talks, Meetups attended and WordCamp gossips. As I use WordPress on a daily basis, I also want to highlight the sense of humour within the community, more on that too, soon.
So having done a talk recently I struggled to put my slides in a shareable place, having created this website I now have a place where I can share slides, photos and videos.

Business can be tough, not always due to money or late payments, but also by difficult clients. Learning new skills in the limited time one has or attending courses, both online and in person. All these topics I want to share my experiences on.

Being Self-employed and using WordPress should give us more freedom… This was after all the first and main reason for choosing this career. An occasional picture of a makeshift office or normal working day spent doing something else. All part of the fun of my WordPress life.

Hope to see you back soon!


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