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  • Webinar: GoDaddy Pro # 1

    Title: 10 Key opportunities for any WooCommerce site – Part 1In this first session, I run through the first 5 steps from bringing customers to your site to making that first purchase.

  • Webinar: GoDaddy Pro # 2

    Title: 10 Key opportunities for any WooCommerce site – Part 2 In this second session, I will identify how you can turn the existing customer into a long-term loyal customer and influence their circles to come to your store too.

  • Summit: WPFeedback

    There is no public recording of the webinar, but nevertheless still worth a mention of a public event I attended in 2020. WP Feedback, now called Atarim, held a huge summit which was attended by many thousands of people. Speaker announcement:

  • Podcast: Joe Casabona

  • Podcast: Do the Woo

    Great to be invited to Bob Dun’s podcast and talk about WooCommerce. I was a bit taken aback by his questions: “how do you do the Woo?”

  • Podcast: Rather Inventive

    A pleasant conversation about how I go involved with YITH as originally a brand ambassador and many other marketing ideas with Ben.

  • WordCamp London 2019

    Thank you’s are normally something you end with. However, I feel the need to highlight this at the start. Thank you to the team who organised WordCamp London – it has been amazing! Are you ready to Publish? The afterlife… This is the title of my talk which I gave on Sunday morning at the […]

  • Podcast: Agency Trailblaizer

    Episode 176 – Featuring Ronald Gijsel shared on October 3, 2018 A conversation with Lee about agency life and some favorite plugins I use.

  • First post and what to expect.

    This blog is a well overdue project that I have had in mind. A space to voice my opinion experiences and thoughts as well as a space to help others. This blog is built on WordPress and with its ideology in mind. A free voice online!