Author: Ronald Gijsel

  • Pagebuilder Summit Panel – Preparing Your eCommerce Stores for Holiday Readiness

    On October 19th, I was invited to share my experience and knowledge with store owners and developers, to prepare for the busy holiday season. The panel was led by Adam Warner from GoDaddy Pro.

  • Roundtable discussion with Job Thomas for Do the Woo

    If you have dealt with WooCommerce support at some point in the past, then this is the one to listen to. Job is a genuinely nice person to talk to and with all the years of experience, I have huge respect for his approach to work and life.

  • A Roundtable Chat with Clara Lee, Product Marketing at WooCommerce

    In this Roundtable discussion, we have Clara Lee explain to us how her experience has helped many third-party developers and companies sell better with WooCommerce. A Roundtable Chat with Clara Lee, Product Marketing at WooCommerce

  • WooCommerce Roundtable #2 with Warren Holmes

    The second of the WooCommerce Roundtable Discussion was joined by Warren Holmes who is the Operations Manager at WooCommerce. Having worked with them for 10 years, he has a great view of the past, present and future of WooCommerce.

  • WooCommerce Roundtable #1 with Jonathan Wold

    The first of a monthly WooCommerce Roundtable Discussion between panelists and a representative from WooCommerce. In this first episode, we had Jonathan Wold talking to us.

  • Blog feature: HeroPress essay

    There is a lot of personal information in this essay that I wrote and was encouraged by Topher to write this for quite some time. Is has not been very easy to open up, but I am ever so grateful for the opportunity. It took me about 5 months to write and eventually send it. […]

  • My experience as a WooCommerce London co-organizer, one year on.

    How I got involved Back in February 2020, I did a WooCommerce related talk at WordPress London. The title was “99 ways to sell, but direct ain’t one.” I highlighted the need to engage and re-engage with your users before they would turn into customers based on using Google Analytics Attribution reporting. A talk which […]

  • Podcast: Do The Woo #2

    Post Black Friday & Cyber Monday chat on Do The Woo with co-guests Katie Keith and James Kemp. We chatted about what worked and what didn’t during the run-up and during Black Friday.

  • Podcast – Jonathon’s WP Tonic

    #542 WP-Tonic Show With Special Guest Ronald Gijsel of Yithemes The transcript is not correct on this webpage, but the recording should be obvious enough to understand my role at YITH and what YITH actually stands for. Visit the site’s page >

  • Webinar: Cloudways Mavericks

    Title: Convert Visitors Into Loyal Customers Using Google Analytics Watch again to this webinar and podcast with the Cloudways Mavericks. A good and fun conversation though at time slightly confusing to explain something technical in just a few minutes.