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WordPress user, community contributor and more. Father of two boys and a Dutch husband to a Turkish wife. Ex Italian restaurant owner in Evesham. A good mix of cultures, languages, cuisines and points of view.

Blog feature: HeroPress essay

There is a lot of personal information in this essay that I wrote and was encouraged by Topher to write this for quite some time. Is has not been very easy to open up, but I am ever so grateful for the opportunity. It took me about 5 months to write and eventually send it. I kept reading it back and making small adjustments, but there comes a time you just have to let go… so here it is: Empowered to make a change.

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My experience as a WooCommerce London co-organizer, one year on.

How I got involved Back in February 2020, I did a WooCommerce related talk at WordPress London. The title was “99 ways to sell, but direct ain’t one.” I highlighted the need to engage and re-engage with your users before they would turn into customers based on using Google Analytics Attribution reporting. A talk which probably was better on paper than on in front of an audience. No doubt I would have improved on this with some more practice.A week or so after I visited London, Lisa contacted...

Meetup, WCLDN, WooCommerce

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Webinar: GoDaddy Pro # 1

Title: 10 Key opportunities for any WooCommerce site – Part 1In this first session, I run through the first 5 steps from bringing customers to your site to making that first purchase.

Webinar, WooCommerce, YITH

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Webinar: GoDaddy Pro # 2

Title: 10 Key opportunities for any WooCommerce site – Part 2 In this second session, I will identify how you can turn the existing customer into a long-term loyal customer and influence their circles to come to your store too.

Webinar, WooCommerce, YITH

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Summit: WPFeedback

There is no public recording of the webinar, but nevertheless still worth a mention of a public event I attended in 2020. WP Feedback, now called Atarim, held a huge summit which was attended by many thousands of people. Speaker announcement:

Summit, WooCommerce, YITH

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